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We will keep this website open for as long as we are threatened with a nuclear dump in Cumbria.

  • Worried about nuclear waste?
  • Worried about the future of the Lake District?
  • Hoping that it won’t affect you, your children or your children’s children or all the other people after them? And the millions of visitors who flock here every year?
  • Do you love the beauty of the Solway Plain and the rugged mountains & valleys of Eskdale and Ennerdale? These are the most likely sites to be considered for the dump!

Here we explore the topsy-turvy world of nuclear waste policy and expose the way the Government is mishandling it.

Save Our Lake District – Don’t Dump Cumbria ! was formed in December 2011 to counter proposals to find a place somewhere in West Cumbria to dump.

We welcome support from anyone, whether pro-nuclear or anti-nuclear, and irrespective of political affiliation. Something needs to be done about nuclear waste but the Government has decided, without full research and ignoring scientific uncertainties.

Very few people believe the prospect of a nuclear dump will not affect the Cumbrian economy in a negative way. Jamie Reed, MP for Copeland is one of this minority. He told the Keswick Reminder on 7th December 2012: ‘It’s simply incredible to claim that the brand of Cumbria or the Lakes would be damaged by any future repository. On the contrary, developing a better environmental solution for materials that are already here can only enhance the brand’.

Perhaps Mr Reed should get out more and talk to constituents and visitors….It is estimated that between 631,000 cubic metres and 1,160,000 cubic metres of nuclear waste could go into the dump: 6-11 times the volume of the Albert Hall.

The wastes would be buried between 200-300m deep (height of the Eiffel Tower) and 1,000m deep (height of Scafell Pike,England’s highest mountain). The footprint – the area covered underground – is estimated at 6 to 25 sq km. The NDA have provided pictures of a series of tunnels, in a simple rock formation, with landscaping on the top.

Surprisingly, the MRWS Partnership has hardly considered this aspect of the dump plans at all. Yet it is the spoil and the need to remove it that will create the most disturbance to local people and the landscape. The picture of the dump as a series of tunnels is only half of a much bigger picture.

Environmental sustainability in Lake District

We live in a beautiful world, but it seems that human beings are desperately trying to destroy it. We do not care much about earth and nature, we consume its natural resource reserves and we pollute it every day with our equipment and things that are meant to make our life better and easier. Yet we cause much harm – and most of us are not even aware of it. We can support our environment and Lake District with many environmental sustainability measures.

Make our world a better place

We must stop being so selfish and ensure a better place for future generations. Lake District can be saved but we have to campaign against the nuclear waste dump in Cumbria. It is a magnificent place that can flourish if we promote tourism in this area and provide entertainment for those who want to explore this tiny heaven on earth. Instead of systematically polluting it, we have to protect it and provide a safe habitat for flora and fauna in Lake District.

The quality of the air, water and soil in Lake District can be improved in time if the dumping of nuclear waste is stopped. But it will take a while until we will notice changes in local ecosystems, fauna and flora. The rates of the complaints matter a lot, so join our cause and help us to make from Lake District a safe place for our children.

Tourism in Cumbria will delight its visitors with gorgeous landscapes and outdoor activities for both children and adults. If you travel from London and you wish to explore these lands accompanied by an escort from, you will not regret coming here. Lake District National Park provides numerous sustainable tourism initiatives and it appeals visitors from all over the world to enjoy the lovely sights and fresh air.

Hop on a bike to take a tour of the lake, hike in the green forest and discover new trails waiting to be explored by its kind tourist. Do not leave garbage in this area and always keep in mind the preservation of nature and environment. Our goal is to make this world a better place for future generations, but the locals and small businesses can earn a lot from tourism here, too.

London is crowded and foggy, but Cumbria is surprisingly clear, clean and fresh. Take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle and spend several relaxing days enjoying nature in the Lake District. Yet because walking is one of the main activities around the Lake, please keep on tracks and do not try to establish new paths. Footpath erosion can affect this green heaven and the idyllic places are at risk to perish if the fifteen million pairs of feet who come here each year will choose different paths every time when they will come here.

Respect Cumbria and its locals, care of our mother nature and keep in mind the environmental sustainability for Lake District. Visit this impressive destination at any time of year and you will sure spend here delightful moments!

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